A Science Academy that will run for four Saturdays ( June 10, 17, 24 and July 1st). Catering to Kindergartners through 8th graders. Leading future scientist in investigative efforts to explore science and math in their everyday lives.


  1. Make Science and Math approachable and fun for k-8th grade students.
  2. Help students see the practical use of science in their world.
  3. At the end of four Saturdays students should begin to identify everyday use of science and math.


Four Saturdays, Four aspects of science

Week 1: Environmental Science

Key Point: …

Week 2: Biological Science

Key Point: ..

Week 3: Math and Technology

Key Point: …

Week 4: Field Trip to the California Science Center


Break Down

Morning Session

  • Each Saturday session will begin with a discussion point.
  • With the facilitation of a teacher, the kids learn to discuss a main idea. Brainstorming and working well with your teammates is key to being a great scientist.
  • Each Student then takes their own ideas and writes them down in their discovery Journals.
  • Students will then be allowed 45mins – 1 hr to document all their thoughts on the subject using a form of technology. ( ipads / laptops ). They can use any application they choose to. PowerPoint, Pages , Google docs etc.


  • Each scientist will be provided a nutritious lunch ( see menu below)

Afternoon Session

  • Create ! Create! Create!
  • After the kids have understood the key point for the day, They get to create and explore some more, refine their notes with findings and refine their presentation/ documents.
  • Again the teachers, facilitate and give guidance but emphasis is placed on the child using their own imaginations and putting on their science caps.


Camp will be over 3:00pm. Kids will take home all the amazing things they have created as well as their Discovery Journals.




June 10, 2017 Subway Lunch Boxes + drink + fruit
June 17th, 2017 Pizza + Salad + drink + fruit
June 24th, 2017 Chik-fil-a sandwiches + drink + fruit
July 1, 2017 Subway Lunch Boxes + drink

Field Trip

Destination: California Science Center

  • The van will transport children to the California Science Center from the church, in two groups. Parents are encouraged to come along with their children for a fun day with science.
  • Children will begin their trip with an IMAX movie, then explore 2 exhibits in the Science Center
  • At noon, kids will have lunch in the rose garden.
  • After Lunch, the kids will go to the Endeavour exhibit.
  • If there is still time, the kids can go on one more exhibit.
  • Van will be leaving from the Center at 3:00pm .
  • Every kid should be back at the church by 4:00pm