Week 1: Environmental Science

Week 2: Biological Science

Week 3: Math and Technology

Week 4: Field Trip to the California Science Center. ( Field Trip Details Here )


Morning Session

  • Each Saturday session will begin with a discussion point.
  • With the facilitation of a teacher, the kids learn to discuss a main idea. Brainstorming and working well with your teammates is key to being a great scientist.
  • Each Student then takes their own ideas and writes them down in their discovery Journals.
  • Students will then be allowed 45mins – 1 hr to document all their thoughts on the subject using a form of technology. ( ipads / laptops ). They can use any application they choose to. PowerPoint, Pages , Google docs etc.


  • Each scientist will be provided a nutritious lunch ( menu )

Afternoon Session

  • Create ! Create! Create!
  • After the kids have understood the key point for the day, They get to create and explore some more, refine their notes with findings and refine their presentation/ documents.
  • Again the teachers, facilitate and give guidance but emphasis is placed on the child using their own imaginations and putting on their science caps.


Camp will be over 3:00pm. Kids will take home all the amazing things they have created as well as their Discovery Journals.